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Alamat : Jln Gunung Kinabalu BTN Karmila Sari
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Berikut ini langkah-langkah bagaimana cara mencetak Kartu Digital PTK pada web PADAMU Negeri, Langsung saja ikuti langkah-langkahnya seperti gambar berikut ini:

1. Login PTK  pada PADAMU di, setelah login anda harus mengisi Angket EDS 2014 yang terdiri dari 57 pertannyaan.

 2. Berikut ini adalah salah satu pertanyaanya:
 3. Setelah semua pertanyaan maka langkah berikutnya adalah klik SIMPAN
 4. Maka akan muncul gambar seperti berikut, Anda diharapkan untuk mengupdate data portofolio anda, khususnya untuk Jam mengajar anda pada semester ini.
 5. Setelah itu silahkan isi Survey Kurikulum 2013
6. Cek Kelengkapan data rinci anda
7. Setelah unggah foto profil anda, ukuran foto sesuaikan denga permintaan system

 8. PTK Berhasil di aktifkan dan   CETAK KARTU DIGITAL PTK 2014 anda

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Inilah 5 tulisan terbaik dari siswa-siswa akselerasi angkatan ke-3

Inilah 5 tulisan terbaik dari siswa-siswa akselerasi angkatan ke-3 dalam menceritakan ulang sebuah cerita/novel yang telah mereka baca dan ditulis dalam versi bahasa Inggris yang merupakan tugas dari mata pelajaran English skill.


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Inilah 5 tulisan terbaik dari siswa-siswa akselerasi angkatan ke-3

Inilah 5 tulisan terbaik dari siswa-siswa akselerasi angkatan ke-3 dalam menceritakan ulang sebuah cerita/novel yang telah mereka baca dan ditulis dalam versi bahasa Inggris yang merupakan tugas dari mata pelajaran English skill.

Nam e          : Andi Agung Alhilal Hariadi

Class            : A ccelerated 1 ( Generation 3)

Study           : English Skill

NIS             : 22993

NISN          : 9992170959

Titled Novel Summary :

Miserable Bring Deliciously

    This story tell a man named Kacak and his mother is respected. They have character bluff and arrogance. Difference with Midun, Midun character is friendliness, good, and bright of kunfu. His brother named Manjau, He good young man. One day wife of Kacak fall to the river, fortunately at that time Midun helped Wife of Kacak. Dashing back even alleged that Midun wanted to rape his wife. Kacak report to my lord the barrel. Midun sentenced a maid in the house of Tuanku Laras without pay. After serving his sentence, Midun tortured again by his parents. Kacak still not satisfied, he sent assassins to kill Midun. One day Maun and Midun was buying food at the coffee shop, suddenly dashing attacking the messengers Kacak. fights stopped when police arrived. Midun and Maun arrested and taken to the police station. Once processed Midun apparently innocent suspects. One day Midun duty sweeping the yard, he saw a woman sitting under walnut tree. Midun met the woman. It turns out the woman named Halimah. They exchanged stories about his life experiences. Halimah told me that he lived with his stepfather unfavorable. Once out of prison, Midun run away with Halimah to parents of Halimah in Bogor. Midun have trading businesses financed by Sheikh Abdullah. See businesses thrive Midun, money lenders even envy. That the loan collecting debts twice given. Midun certainly not willing to pay. Failed urging, the lender filed Midun to justice. In the trial, Midun go to prison again. After adventure  punishment, Midun meet a head komissaris known as Mr. Hoofdcommissaris. Midun appointed as a clerk. Midun look very good job, he was appointed head of police orderlies in Tanjung Priok. Midun directly ask to be assigned to the hometown. Hearing the news, Kacak felt uneasy because he was afraid that his actions had been embezzling the state treasury will be discovered. Not long afterwards, has proven robust cash menggelapakan countries in their village. Consequently Kacak go to prison for his actions. Midun was happy with his wife and family in the village.


M iserable B ring D eliciously

A young man named Kacak and mother was a respected village chief. He always acted haughty and arrogant. He likes to win themselves. Kacak most are not happy to see people happy beyond himself. Kacak people less favored in village because it is so. Differences with Midun, although the children of the poor, but well-liked by his village people. Because Midun has a good disposition, polite, obedient faith, friendly and smart silat. Midun not like Kacak. Because a lot of people who like Midun, then Kacak so jealous and envious to Midun. He is often looking for opportunities to be deceive Midun, but never succeeded. He often find problems that Midun mad at him, but Midun never want to respond. Midun always away when invited to fight. Midun not afraid to the fight with the Kacak, he just does not like to fight. Martial arts he had the teachings of his study on Haji Abbas is not to be used to fight and look for the enemy but to defend themselves and friend search. One day Kacak wife fell into the river. He almost vanished carried by currents. Fortunately that time Midun was near the scene. Midun swiftly helps Kacak wife.

Kacak wife survived thanks to the help Midun. Kacak alleged that Midun wanted to rape his wife. Goodness reply crime. The time Midun respond to the challenge. In winning the fight Midun. Because of lost, Kacak becoming increasingly angry at Midun. Kacak reporting all the Tuanku Laras. Tuanku Laras apparently believe the allegations that conceited. Midun impunity of Tuanku Laras. Midun was sentenced by Tuanku Laras, which should work at home Tuanku Laras without receiving a salary. Whereas those assigned by Tuanku Laras to mengwasi Midun during the serving time was conceited. Got the assignment, thereby dashing happy. Midun dashing exploit to torture. Almost every day Midun treated roughly. Punches and kicks conceited Midun hit almost every day. Insults and words of conceited every day stop in Midun ear. However, all the treatments Midun accepted with resignation. Although Midun has got punishment from the mother, but apparently not yet satisfied too conceited. He was not satisfied because Midun still roam freely in the village. If Midun still in their village, that means still a major barrier for dashing to you own in the village. For that he will cut off Midun from their village for ever. To carry out his intention, conceited pay some assassins to eliminate Midun. Efforts to eliminate the Midun they carry when in the village held a horse race. When the Maun Midun and was buying food at the coffee shop on the edge of the racetrack, the charter was attacked Midun conceited. But fortunately managed mengelaknya Midun. But the fight between them is inevitable. Then there was a commotion in the horse racing event.

The fight was stopped when police arrived. Midun and Maun immediately arrested and taken to the police station. After review, Maun released. While Midun convicted and imprisoned mandatory. Heard the news, conceited heart happy. With Midun go to jail, so he can freely do in the village without someone who dares to be the barrier. While in prison, Midun suffered various tortures. He was tortured by prison guards or by the prisoners who are in prison. The prisoners did not dare to disturb the new Midun Midun a day when the flames beat the inmates. Because of the most deemed champion by The prisoners were lost, they were then in fear with Midun. Midun since it is highly respected by other prisoners. Midun become their friend. One day, while on duty Midun street sweeping, Midun saw a beautiful woman sitting under a walnut tree daydreaming. When she was gone, her necklace turns left under the tree. It was later restored by Midun to the woman's house. What a happy girl. The girl to fall in love with the same Midun. Midun teryata also fell in love with the same girl. Her name is Halima. After the meeting, they both met each other near the first road. They exchanged stories of life experiences, Halimah told me that she lived with a stepfather. He was not free to live with his stepfather.

He was about to go out of the house. He really hope someday he can live with his father who was living in Bogor. Out of jail, Midun Halima ran away from her stepfather's house. Midun effort was aided by a prison warden Pak Karto kind. Midun Halimah to bring home to parents Bogor Halimah. Halimah's father was a good man. He was very happy when Midun willing to live with them. Approximately two months Midun with Halimah's father. Midun feel bad for staying with Halimah's family lived only to eat and drink alone. He started going to earn a living. He then went to Jakarta for work. In a trip to Jakarta. Midun acquainted with a wealthy merchant of Arab descent. The merchant name is actually a loan shark. With no thought of bad things, Midun Syehk accept the loan money. In accordance with the suggestion that Syehk, Midun open trading business in Jakarta. Midun businesses increasingly large. His business thrive. Seeing progress Midun trading business lived, apparently making Syehk Abdullah Al-Hadramut envy. He Midun to collect debts that far away from the amount of the loan amount Midun. Midun certainly not willing to pay the amount which it folds. After failing urged Midun that way, apparently Syehk collect by other means. He was willing the money is not paid or deemed paid, origin Midun Halimah willing to give up as he made his wife.

Obviously the offer was made Midun furious at Syehk. Halimah also very angry at Syehk. Having failed again Syehk finally filed Midun to justice. Midun on trial for debt. In the trial Midun found guilty by the court. Midun go to jail again. In the later Midun free, Midun streets first into New Markets. Up in the market, Midun suddenly saw a commotion. There is a raging natives attacked a Dutch Sinyo. Without thinking Midun who likes to help people, instantly save The Netherlands Sinyo it. Sinyo was very grateful to have saved his life Midun it. By Sinyo it, Midun then introduced to parents Sinyo. Parents Sinyo it turned out a Chief Commissioner, who is known as Mr. Hoofdcommissaris. As a token of his gratitude to Midun who has saved his son, Midun immediately given a job. Midun job as a clerk. After getting a job, applying Midun Halimah. And they were married in Bogor at home parents Halimah. Midun performance is so good in the eyes of its leaders. Midun Mantri later appointed Police Chief in Tanjung Priok.

He was immediately assigned to quell the penyeludup in Medan. While in the field, Midun met with her sister, the Manjau. Manjau tell you a lot about his hometown. Midun so sad to hear the news that his family lived in the village suffer. Therefore when he returned to Jakarta, ask to be assigned in direct Midun hometown. Midun demand was met by the leaders. Midun homecoming to his hometown that makes dashing very restless. Time it has become a dashing prince in their village. Dashing became agitated because he was afraid that his actions had been embezzling the state treasury will be discovered. And he believes will succeed Midun dismantle his ugly deeds. Not long afterwards, proved robust embezzling state treasury that is in their village. Consequently conceited go to jail for his actions. Midun was happy with his wife and family in the village.

Personalities and characterizations :


1 . Midun is a polite young man , pious , and gentle .

2 . Tuanku Laras is a very rich village head . He was greatly feared and respected in his village .

3 . Kacak is a young man with character and bad behavior . He's arrogant , rude, and like gambling

4 . Haji Abbas is a teacher study and martial arts teacher .

5 . Maun is a young man polite, courteous , and obedient to the teachings of religion. He is Midun friends .

6 . Halima is an orphan girl . She lives with her ​​stepfather the rich. He is courteous and obedient girl in religion .

7 . Pak Karto is a point jailer Midun in prison in Jakarta . He has a good heart .

8 . Sheikh Abdullah Al - Hadramut is wealthy merchant of Arab descent . His heart was bad . He is best known as a loan shark .

9 . Mr. Hoofdcommissaris is a company of the department as Chief Commissioner . He has a good heart .

10 . Manjau is a good young man , brother Midun .

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SMPN 1 Watampone dinyatakan lulus 100% setelah rapat dewan guru yang dipimpin oleh bapak kepala sekolah.


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SK Pakaian Seragam Pramuka Baru 2013


Gerakan Pramuka melakukan perubahan pakaian seragam pramuka. Adalah SK Kwartir Nasional Nomor 174 Tahun 2012 tentang Petunjuk Penyelenggaraan Pakaian Seragam Anggota Gerakan Pramuka yang menggantikan Keputusan Kwarnas Gerakan Pramuka Nomor 226 Tahun 2007.

Perbedaan Pakaian Seragam 2013 dengan Tahun Sebelumnya
Apa saja yang berbeda dengan seragam pramuka tahun 2013 dengan tahun sebelumnya? Inilah beberapa perbedaan krusial dan mencolok pada pakaian seragam pramuka di tahun 2013:
  1. Modifikasi pada pakaian seragam pramuka tingkat Siaga baik putra maupun putri, terutama dengan penambahan lis berwarna coklat tua pada bagian lengan dan saku.
  2. Penggunaan hasduk (setangan leher) pada anggota putri (semua tingkatan) sebagaimana yang dikenakan oleh anggota putra. Sebelumnya anggota putri mengenakan 'pita leher'.
  3. Tutup kepala anggota putri untuk tingkat Penggalang, Penegak, dan Pandega dengan tutup kepala berbahan laken/beludru. Sebelumnya mereka menggunakan tutup kepala dari anyaman.
  4. Model baju anggota pramuka putri tingkat Penggalang sama dengan baju untuk anggota putra. Sebelumnya antara putra dan putri mengenakan model pakaian yang berbeda.
  5. Penambahan saku timbul di kanan kiri celana. Sebelumnya anggota putra mengenakan celana dengan  empat saku berupa dua saku dalam (di samping kanan kiri) dan dua saki tempel (di belakang).


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Pusat Teknologi Pendidikan: Solusi Kemdikbud Bagi Guru TIK



Solusi untuk guru mata pelajaran (mapel) Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi (TIK) yang keberadaannya dihapuskan pada Kurikulum 2013 mulai mendapatkan titik terang.

Direktur Pembinaan SMA Ditjen Pendidikan Menengah, Haris Iskandar mengatakan, meski mapel TIK dihapus, namun eks guru TIK tidak akan menganggur.

Menurut Haris, para guru tersebut tetap akan memiliki peran yang penting di sekolahnya masing-masing. Rencananya, kata dia, mereka bisa membantu guru lain dalam mempersiapkan materi ajar.

“Jadi, guru TIK tetap akan berperan penting dalam Kurikulum 2013. Mereka bisa dimasukkan dalam Pusat Teknologi Pendidikan yang ada di sekolah untuk membantu guru dalam mempersiapkan materi ajar,” kata Haris, Sabtu (16/3), saat berada di kampus Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS) Solo, Jawa Tengah.

Haris Iskandar hadir di kampus FKIP UNS untuk mewakili Wakil Mendikbud, Musliar Kasim yang berhalangan hadir sebagai pembicara dalam seminar Pemetaan dan Pengembangan Mutu Pendidikan Menyongsong Pemberlakuan Kurikulum 2013.

Dalam seminar itu, Haris menilai, saat ini belum seluruh guru mampu menyiapkan materi ajar dengan memanfaatkan multimedia.

Padahal, imbuhnya, Kurikulum 2013 adalah kurikulum teknologi yang dalam pelaksanaannya banyak mengandalkan kerja sama tim.

Karena itu, lanjutnya, Kemdikbud akan menempatkan guru TIK dalam sebuah wadah baru yang nanti akan diberi nama Pusat Teknologi Pendidikan untuk membantu para guru mempersiapkan materi ajar secara multimedia.

Meski demikian, Haris mengakui masih ada persoalan yang terkait dengan sertifikasi guru TIK. Yakni, menemukan jalan keluar bagaimana caranya agar guru TIK yang sudah alih tugas itu tetap memperoleh tunjangan sertifikasi.

“Persoalannya, bagaimana agar mereka tetap mendapatkan tunjangan sertifikasi, sekarang tengah dipikirkan,” tandasnya.

Untuk diketahui, penghapusan mapel TIK pada Kurikulum 2013 telah membuat banyak guru TIK resah.

Selama ini, mereka belum memperoleh kejelasan dari Kemdikbud mengenai tugas baru yang akan diembannya, termasuk pula mempertanyakan masalah tunjangan sertifikasi bagi mereka yang telah menerimanya.
sumber :


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